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10 things to consider when choosing pens for studying

Studying for exams can be highly stressful. Give yourself a head start by ensuring the pens in your life are up to the job.

When you are researching and sifting through multiple documents, make sure you have plenty of highlighters to hand. These tend to run out of ink quickly, so bulk buy in lots of different colours so you can color code too as you go along.

Make sure you have a good stash of pencils too, in case you need to highlight certain things, but not permanently. If you’re a fidgeter or you have difficulty concentrating, consider getting a stainless steel mechanical bolt action pencil that allows you to fidget and focus.

Thing about the weight of the pen and what works for you. A stainless steel pen is sturdy and durable but it may be too heavy for long periods of writing. For alternative options, you could try our lighter titanium bolt action pen or the carbon fiber bolt action pen. For both of these, you can get a stainless steel pen replacement tip, and a pen replacement ink cartridge so you can be sure you don’t need to be caught short in an exam!

Preparing for an exam
Before you head into exams, make sure you have a reliable pen with either a high ink capacity or a pen replacement ink cartridge. And remember that, although you might love a tactical bolt action pen, you may need to refrain from fidgeting in an exam. And don’t forget to check out the exam rules in terms of the type of pen or pencil you should use. Some may state it has to black ink, or pencil. Make sure you’re prepared in advance.

Finally, why not treat yourself to a pen that will out-last the exam period—one that you’ll treasure forever. EDC (Everyday Carry) pens are fashionable, durable and tactical. For one that is built to outlive you, try an EDC bolt action pen in stainless steel.
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