About Us

At Bastion, we believe everyone writes their own story. Every day is a new page. Bastion guarantees your pen performs.

In 2017, after nearly a decade of experience in creating unique, innovative products, our CEO, Mike Navitsky came up with the idea for a premium, reliable writing instrument that would not only make the act of writing more enjoyable, but felt luxurious to handle too. Early designs evolved to become what is now known as the premium Bastion Executive Bolt Action pen.

The Bastion Bolt Action pen and pencil collection is the result of a perfect marriage of fine art and cutting edge engineering that is typical of Bastion craftsmanship.

The pen was first offered on Kickstarter, a crowd-funding platform, and received overwhelming public support. Since then we have sold 1000's of pens globally and amassed a following of customers who love a bit of luxury. Join us on our journey.

  • Why Choose Bastion Pen & Pencils

    All our pens and pencils are made of premium quality stainless steel, titanium, and aluminium, all with a satisfying 'bolt action' mechanism which features a secure lock with replaceable but hard-wearing parts.

    Our luxury fountain pens and ballpoint pens are high quality heirlooms, and the Bastion Bolt Action Pencils the ultimate everyday carry writing instrument.

  • Great Pen

    Buy EDC Bolt Action Pen And Pencils

    Are you looking for a solid and distinctive writing instrument that combines high quality metals and cutting edge design with expert craftsmanship? The Bastion Bolt Action pen and pencil collections feature all of that, and more. Choose from our collection of bolt action fountain pens, ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils in a wide range of sturdy, premium materials and colors.

  • Beautiful & Awesome Pen

    Premium Quality Guaranteed

    The Bastion Executive Bolt Action pen combines the highest quality materials and modern design with fine-tuned craftsmanship, to create a writing instrument that is as luxurious as it is practical.

    Our ballpoint pen is made from 100% GENUINE STAINLESS STEEL. Our extremely satisfying ‘bolt action’ mechanism provides a secure lock with hard-wearing parts.