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3 Best Pens for Teachers to Improve Paper Grading Workflow

        The role of a teacher is one of the most important in the world. Teachers share some responsibility for shaping the lives of young people, helping them to grow into confident, knowledgeable and resilient adults, and giving them the skills to help them progress in life. Many people think teaching is an easy job because there’s a perception that they only ‘work’ during term times and school hours. Many teachers spend many hours before and after school preparing new lessons, reflecting on students’ learning, providing useful feedback and grading papers and projects.

        Teachers face a number of challenges, one being which pen to use for speedy, accurate grading and workflow. To make it easier for teachers to choose, we’ve listed below the 3 best grading pens for teachers.

But first, when choosing the best ink pens for teachers, here are some important things to consider:

1. Ink Color

         Red ink is typically associated with paper grading, but there are some negative connotations around it, since it is often used to give critical feedback, which every student dreads. While red is perhaps one of the colors that will stand out the most, try using different colored inks, such as green or pink, to see if you achieve the same stand-out without making your students feel anxious.

2. Adaptable to Different Paper Types

        The best pens for teachers are ones that adapt well to various paper types. Some students may work with poor quality paper, while others choose better quality paper. You’ll need a good quality pen that performs equally as well on low and high quality paper stock.

3. Quick Drying Time

       Teachers have to grade a lot of papers, and because there are so many to work through, speed is of the essence. Therefore, a pen with quick-drying ink is a must, enabling teachers to work through the pages quickly, without worrying that the ink might smudge.

4. Engraving

       The best pens for school are those that can be engraved! It’s a well-known fact that pens gets swiped all the time at school, so if you are investing in a good quality pen, put your name on it, to ensure it doesn’t go missing and everyone knows who it belongs to.

3 best pens for teachers

• Our favorite is probably the bolt action ballpoint pen in stainless steel, because the metal is highly durable and these pens are built to last for generations. Inks can be purchased in different colors so you can experiment with colors that help your students. The bolt action mechanism can satisfy any fidget habit and help you to focus and work through your papers more quickly.

• If you have particular concerns about your pen going missing while at school, one we would highly recommend is the heat-colored titanium EDC pen. These are extremely striking and unusual—not many other people are likely to have one, so it is less likely to go missing.

• The best pen for a more traditionalist teacher is undoubtedly the fountain pen. But, you don’t have to choose one that is fragile or needs to keep in a safe place whenever it isn’t in use. There are lots of EDC fountain pens on the market that are highly durable and easy to use. And once you have written with one pen for some time, the nib will adapt to your writing movements, making it easier to grade those papers quickly.

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