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Things To Know Before Choosing the Best Pen for Taking Notes

        Most people today take notes. Notes can come in the form of to-do lists, reminder messages, class recordings and planning documents, journal entries—the examples are endless. Note-taking can be either a chore, or something you can learn to truly enjoy. And a lot of this will depend on the pen you decide to use in order to do your note-taking. In this article, we’re going to look at how to choose the best pens, different questions to consider and what are the best pens for note taking.

       The best pen for writing is going to differ for every individual. Fortunately, there are so many different pen types on the market, you will have plenty to try before you settle on one that is absolutely right for you. Pens differ in terms of the type and style, the material it is made from, the purpose of the pen (some offer a lot more than merely a writing instrument), and budget. Let’s take a look of the things you need to know when choosing the best pen for taking notes.

What Type Of Pen Are You Looking For?

Pens come in all shapes and sizes, but they are some distinct ‘types’ available that can help you to narrow down your search.

Fountain Pen

        If you are looking for a pen that has a classical feel and finish and represents tradition, sentiment and certain professions such as law, academia and finance, a fountain pen could be the right choice for you. Fountain pens can also easily adapt to an individual’s writing style making them uniquely personal in a way that other pens aren’t.


Ballpoint Pen

        Ballpoint pens are possibly the most common type of pen on the market because they are convenient, easy to write with, and suit most abilities.

Rollerball Pen

        Rollerball pens are often cheaper and used for very practical purposes as ink leakage is much less of a risk with a rollerball pen. They tend to be made with lower quality materials however and can be regarded more as everyday items than potential heirlooms.

Mechanical Pencil


Pencils are often a preferable choice for people who work in more artistic or technical professions and want something very specific for their line of work or their day to day lives.

Felt Tip Pen

Felt tips are often colorful, with thicker nibs, and therefore are particularly impactful. Some people choose to write with these, although they tend to be more popular for coloring. Felt tip pens can make easy instruments to write with but they are definitely more disposable, and less ‘special’ than other types of pen.

How Commonly Do You Plan to Use Your Pen?


        if you write by hand a lot, you are likely to have stronger muscles in your wrist and hand, therefore you have more choice when it comes to the material your pen is made with. You could choose a weightier material such as stainless steel, or you could go for something lighter such as aluminum. It will really depend on the type of glide you prefer and how each material feels to write with.

 Stainless Steel


       If you don’t write very often, you may need to choose a lighter pen that glides across the paper more easily than, say, a pen made from stainless steel. Look into lighter metals such as carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum.


       You will definitely need a lighter weight pen if you write only rarely. The chances are you reserve handwriting for special occasions, in which case a more ‘special’ pen such as a classic fountain pen might be a good purchase.

What Additional Needs Do You Have That Your Pen Can Fulfil?


       if you are looking for a pen that you can add to your EDEC essentials to double up as a robust tool for self-defense or breaking hard materials, the best tactical pen is made of a particularly robust material, such as stainless steel.


      If you are looking for a pen that will last for a long time, and that you can pass down from generation to generation, something classic like a fountain pen could be ideal. If you prefer a ballpoint, choose a classic material and finish such as the sleek stainless steel or sleek and sturdy titanium.


       Are you a fidgeter or someone who likes to occupy part of their brain while you concentrate on other things? If that’s you, a pen with a bolt action mechanism could be ideal. This allows you to fidget while you make notes. Finally, if budget is a key consideration for you, rest assured there are lots of pens suitable for note-taking on the market, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right one at the right budget for you.
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