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EDC Fountain Pens: Finding Inspiration In Every Stroke

The unquenched quest of humanity for higher goals and pursuit of excellence has made him come up with ideas and actions that have revolutionized and altered the way we see and think about society. Path breakers across all ages have gone out of their way to seek inspiration for their work to come out from the inner depths of their soul.

The perfect host and companion of the souls seeking inspiration have been fountain pens for ages. The discovery of the fountain pen in the 10th century legitimized the man’s cause of penning down creations and spreading them to others. The pen made it possible to scribble down the thoughts and widen the reach of ideas.

However, in the 19th century, the design of the modern-day fountain pen began taking shape. Introducing ink reservoirs on pen nibs eliminated the need to dip the pen into an inkwell manually. From there on, fountain pens have continued to evolve with sophistication introduced in design, knit, tank, and ink.

How a Pen Sparks a Burst of Inspiration And Creativity

Artistic Pursuits

Fountain pens open up a whole new world of ideas and artistic possibilities. Fountain pens are known to unleash creativity, especially when you are a beginner, and take your art to a breathtaking level. Fountain pens offer complete control over line quality. The control makes them ideal for sketching and outlining drawings. They add depth and beauty to your artwork. Fountain pens are an invaluable tool when sketching portraits and landscapes, and they still work as the smooth ink flow will add intricate details to artwork.

Pen is Not Just a Pen

Writers, poets, artists, and designers have historically used pens to shape their ideas. Though with the coming of digital media, computers, and apps as a medium for penning down thoughts and ideas, which indeed has taken a shift, the utility and effectiveness of the pen remain the same. Pen is not just for writing; it gives your ideas and thoughts wings. Creative ideas flow well when working with pen and paper.

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Joy And Grief

Whether going through a low phase in life or soaring sky high, your pen will let you pin down the deepest and darkest secrets in your diary. It will relieve you in your worst days when you retire to writing to find solace and respite. When you are at your best, you will need your pen to engrave the best version of you on paper. You will remember the handwritten glory of your best days. Whatever the situation, taking a pen and scribbling something on paper is a thing of sheer joy.

Joy And Grief

Stroke Of a Genius

Geniuses often come up with path-breaking ideas and stun society with their creations. It is the pen that helps them finetune their ideas. The pen provides the necessary burst of inspiration. If you think you are bursting with creativity to show the world your inherent talent, pick the EDC bolt action pens to channel your inner genius.


You are wrong if you think pens are just for writing. Pens have a multifunctional use based on how abstract you can think about their use. Everyday carry pens can be utilized in ways you can’t imagine. The pen can be used as a drinking straw, a telescope for kids, a measuring tool, making holes in things, and, in extreme cases, as a weapon with a sharp edge as the pointing thing.


While there is no denying that the basic functionality of a pen is to write, then again, a pen is not just a pen. It is a companion that stands with you through thick and thin. Fountain pens are a classical memento to hold for years in your collection. Also, they make great souvenirs to give to your loved ones who will remember you when in sight of a pen.

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