5 Best Everyday Carry Pens You Can Use for Writing

5 Best Everyday Carry Pens You Can Use for Writing

The best pens on the market, in our view, are those that can be taken everywhere as part of our everyday carry kit without becoming damaged or tarnished. Whether you spend a lot of time writing, or you’re one of those people who rarely needs a pen but when you do, there is never one to be found close at hand, there is a perfect pen for you. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite everyday carry pens that will make a fantastic addition to your EDC kit.

Bolt action ballpoint pen in stainless steel

Arguably, the best pen for everyday carry is a ballpoint pen in stainless steel. Stainless steel is possibly the hardiest metal which means it can last for generations. It can, however, feel quite weighty so it’s a great option for people who write a lot and have good wrist strength. A ballpoint pen is a fantastic all-round pen, too. Make sure you always have a few refills in your EDC kit so you’re never without ink.

Bolt action ballpoint pen in heat-colored titanium

Everyday carry pens don’t have to look plain or functional. If you are looking for an EDC pen that makes a true statement and stands out from all the rest, why not try a ballpoint pen in heat-colored titanium? Not only is titanium a hugely resilient metal, able to withstand a lot of wear, but the heat coloring creates a unique, metallic color-blend effect, setting this pen far apart from plain silver or black.

Bolt action ballpoint pen in copper

If you are looking for a pen that stands out and reflects your individuality, another great option is a ballpoint pen in copper. This makes a great anniversary gift too. Copper has a beautiful color and shine and is not a common metal in the pen world, so it will definitely stand out.


Bolt action technical pencil

If a pen is not quite your thing and you prefer an everyday carry pencil, why not try a bolt action technical pencil with a highly resilient aluminum, stainless steel or carbon fiber finish? This will ensure your pencil graphite won’t snap while being carried around, which can often happen with ordinary wooden pencils. Plus, the bolt action mechanism will satisfy any fidgeting habit you may have, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.


Fountain pen in black aluminum

Finally, one of the best pens for writing is, of course, the fountain pen. Often thought of as an heirloom or gift to keep in a box and pass down through generations, the fountain pen has evolved in recent years and there are now plenty of EDC options available. This means you don’t have to wrap your fountain in cotton to carry it around; a stainless steel, titanium or a chic black aluminum barrel will ensure it is protected, durable and stylish. So, there you have it: our guide to the best everyday carry pens you can use for writing. With the array of pens now available, you no longer need to sacrifice style for durability—you can find a pen that suits your style and makes a statement, while also surviving your everyday carry.
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