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Customer Reviews

Best quality pen I've ever used!

I am a retired professor and have an extensive pen collection. The quality in person is so much better than what you can really tell in the photos. I am a machinist by trade and am VERY impressed with the quality and perfection of the machining.
- Daniel McCartney


Nice weighty pen with quality fit, finish and feel! Great for us with larger hands. I am a passionate writer and really enjoy having this pen wherever i go. Ink writes smoothly! The Quality is Awesome!
- Montana Cowboy

Great Pen

The Bastion Bolt Action Pen is really well made, especially for the price. The machine work is very precise. It screws together really well and stays together even when using it all day. Well worth buying.
- Alastair Johnston

Awesome PEN

I use this thing to write everything from parts lists, to addresses, and even doodles on cardboard boxes. The coating is strong and durable, it’s held up after being shoved in a pocket with other tools for 2 weeks now! 10/10 would recommend!
- John